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Magazin: Steam Times
The Artist Peter Petz

When in 1967 a showman from Munich asked me to decorate the facade of his attraction for him, I discovered a world  totally new to me, which offerd an absolutely phantastic possibility for a freelance artist and sculptor to make the most of his talent.
That year marked the beginning of the Atelier Petz evebtually creating a whole caleidoscope of beautiful facades and showmen's eqiupment, concession stands, beer tents, dark ride, complete sides shows, illusions, animated effects, ferries wheels, swings and carousels. Werkstatt
Peter Petz These Internet Pages may provide an impression of may work and design since 1984. It was made possible only by the generous support from my customers and friends around the world.
Pleasure for All being my guiding principle I endeavour to bring happiness to many more children, young ang old, by making my phantasies and their dreams come true.

© 2009 Peter Petz