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Pavilions & Palace-Mirror-Tents



Floor plan

Side view

The appearance of glorious steam powered carousel in 1886 cause  the showman to protect their rides with textile shelters    like  pavillions, against rain, wind and snow. Restriction by law  against  dancing  in pubs forced smart Dutch showman in the end of the 19th century  to play  their carousel organs under those pavillions to support public entertainment and dancing without municipal and local  restrictions. . Dutch  dancing events developed more and more to a gastronomic dinner event and became  the beginning of a new experience to entertain the audience  with the charm of a saloon  dancing, dining and beside  riding  a carousel.

Designed for temporary events,  those textile and mobile buildings were fitted with fine mahagony wood work, cristal mirrors, shiny parquetted flooring, colored lead glass windows and rich golden ornamental decorations, with heavy red plush and finest velvet in the style of t Bell Epoque and later pure Art Novoue.

  As a reminiscence regarded  to this historic amusement high light and   completing  the genuine  Peter Petz Carousel and Attraction Collection, we  created  the fantastic Peter Petz Mirror  Steam Palace 1906

Peter Petz Mirror-Steam-Palace 1906
Technical Specifications



Royal-Florida-Mirror-Palace 1909

Mobile Container-Magic-Mirror-Tend with 12 integrated supply sea-containers, each fully installed as kitchen, magazine, wardrobe, storage, stage, airconditioning, toiletts, electricity and other supply installations.

Price on request



Diameter 12 m

Peter-Petz standard hexagonal pavillion

3d-rounding-boards, handpainted, illuminated and architectural collums, textile covering

German TÜV approval

Euro 51 100,00



 Diameter 16 m

Dodecagon pavilion, old-time shelder for carousel, shomans riding saloons, coffeeshops, restaurants, arcades and other entertainement offers.

Victorian interior designed pavilion, fully decorated and illuminated with rich handcrafted ornamental works, handpainted rounding boards.

Galvanized steel construction, textile covering.

12 colums, German TÜV approval.

                                                                                  Euro 149 500,00


Spiegelzelte, Mirror Tents, Speegel Tenten, Palais de Miroire
We supply and manufacture custom made mirror tents including all kind of facades, decorations, furniture,  saloon fitting and for gastronomic or theater events.